If you can dream it, Cainpro can build it

At Cainpro we pride ourselves on making our homes as unique as the clients we serve. We can, of course, build houses with basic equipment and with a quick turnaround. However, our favorite builds are tailored to our client’s unique needs and lifestyle. If you can dream it, Cainpro can build it - and there is nothing like the feeling of walking into a home that was custom made just for you.

Enhance your biggest investment

For most people, their home is the single largest investment they will ever make. To get the best return on your investment, it is important to reinvest in your property. Every time you increase the square footage, improve your kitchen, or make a similar improvement, you are making your home more valuable. This will be a blessing when you decide to sell or take out a line of credit in the future.

Common Reasons For Home Remodel

Guest House

Dining Room

Caring For Elderly Family

Home Office

Home Office / Study

Garage Addition

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Addition

Additional Bedroom

Family Room / Playroom

In Law Suite


One of the biggest things any company will advise against is doing it yourself. Yes, hiring a professional involves a certain cost. But in the end, you’ll be saving big by saying “no” to DIY.


A professional contractor that can get your renovation quickly and still retain quality.


We’ve completed many projects and will have suggestions you may not have considered!


Save on materials and don’t worry about future repairs.


A professional job is made to last and if it doesn’t, that’s on us.

Experienced Home Addition Contractors

Sometimes the home you’ve made memories in is just a bit too small. Many of our clients were considering the sale of their current property and purchase of a new one, and were thrilled to hear they could skip the hassle and heartbreak of moving out of a home they love. We will help you keep every part of the home you love while updating the parts that need help from a seasoned pro. It’s possible for your home to grow with you. We offer consultations and guidance on every renovation project you can imagine. And with scores of happy clients all across Central Florida, you can be certain you have chosen the right team for the job.